Happy Summer

Max in a moving box.

One, we moved. I’m thinking of starting a photo series titled “Max in a moving box.”

After one of Max’s many haircuts in the kitchen.

We are renting out Rob’s grandma’s “guest” house. It is roomy, full of light, has a yard and a garden, and is on a private flag lot. We have our own dishwasher, washer and dryer, and disposal. Luxury.

Two, Max is walking. He took his first steps on Easter and is now moon walking. (I will post a video as soon as I figure out how.)

Birthday boy.

Watch this video.  Max’s First Birthday

Three, Max’s first birthday. Thank you to all who came! Theme: Flag Day. Cool friends give vintage gifts.

Deer in the garden.

Four, I have a garden! This is what it looked like before it really started to grow.

The aftermath of a dirt feast.

It’s a little difficult to be outside in the yard and garden because Max loves dirt and rocks almost as much as he loves my cooking. Apparently he gets it from the Knell side since Grandma Knell told me she used to suck on rocks as a little girl. He will bend over and pick up rocks almost as big as his head to try and fit in his mouth. I think he gets his sense of proportion from me.

At the pool.

Five, although timid at first, Max is a pool boy. We have the Pass to Rule Them All, so you can catch us at Seven Peaks this summer in the kiddie area or the lazy river because that’s what were all about.


Happy Spring

We went to the park today after the hailstorm.

Happy Presidents Day

Rob’s birthday was yesterday and we celebrated by going to church and making mini pizzas.

Max is teething, has stranger danger, and now is beginning to crawl.

“I’m a Mom”

Tonight at dinner Rob stapled some napkins together and said, “Look, I stapled them together. I’m a mom!”
And I thought I was crafty.

Birthday Snow!

Rob surprised me with a trip to Park City to find the perfect boots, go to dinner, and enjoy the first true snow of the season!

Halloween, Take One

What’s lazier/easier than carving or painting pumpkins? Theme for this year’s pumpkins: Procrastination.

(We were going to do Steampumpkins but ran out of time because of costume making.)

This is how our dinner conversation went tonight.*

Rob: We need to get our pumpkins this Friday. You can’t really carve a good Captain America in a pumpkin.

Me: You could do it if you just carve the surface and not all the way through.

Rob: I am a traditionalist when it comes to pumpkin carving. You need to take out chunks, not wimpy scratching the surface carving.

Me: If you were a traditionalist you would stick to eyes, nose, and a mouth.

Rob: I’m not a boringist.

Rob: If I had a company I would name it Znoctchit.

Me: What does that mean?

Rob: It means “mean” in Russian. Cool huh? It’s a good name like Pinterest or Vimeo, even Vivint. Vivint sounds a lot more trustworthy and fancy than the corrupt APX.

Rob: Bacon = Better. (I made this for dinner and added bacon. Thanks Hannah for the zucchini!)

At this point the talk turned to politics and the presidential campaigning. Rob watches The Daily Show to stay up on current events for his political science class.

Rob: Romney is popular and everyone is realizing that he is the best pick and all the other candidates are terrible.

Me: Who is running? (I’m ashamed I didn’t know this.)

And then Rob gave me a quick run down of the people in the race. Thank you Sarah Palin for not running for president.

Rob: Look up at the ceiling. Now tell me what shirt you are wearing.

Me: A shirt I got at D.I. a couple years ago. It has brown circles with yellow lines in them. It’s flowy and kind of a pregnancy shirt, but I love it. Also, it’s homemade, no tag.

Rob: Custom eh? It looks like the Joker’s shirt. It’s geometric.

Me: I look like the Joker!

Me: Look up at the ceiling. What shirt are you wearing?

Rob: That’s the thing. I forgot what shirt I was wearing today so I rubbed my shirt without looking and remembered which one it was.

Me: I think girls are more aware of what they are wearing than boys are.

Rob: Remember how I got dressed in the dark the other morning and I went to school wearing skinny jeans and a shirt THAT WERE THE SAME COLOR! So embarrassed.

Rob: Let me hold that fat baby.

*This is a very typical conversation we have over dinner except we usually discuss the next stages in making our Halloween costumes. Get excited for Giant Man, The Wasp, and Ant Man! I promise to post pictures after All Hallows Eve.